International Conference on Data-Integrated Simulation Science (SimTech2023)

04 - 06 October 2023

Stuttgart, Germany

From October 4 to 6,  2023, the University of Stuttgart and the Cluster of Excellence EXC 20275 "Data-integrated Simulation Science" (SimTech) funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in the framework of the excellence strategy of the German federal and state governments will host leading researchers in data-integrated simulation science. This  emerging new way of simulation tightly integrates various types of data from experimental data over simulation output to meta data to improve the efficiency and reliability of simulations by enhancing classical methods with data-driven approaches.

Is this conference for you?

The conference is intended to be a major platform for promoting exchange amongst representatives of the international research community in these interdisciplinary fields, bringing together mathematicians and life scientists, engineers and chemists, computer scientists and sociologists, physicists and philosophers. In keynote lectures, renowned scientists present the latest ideas at the interface between data and simulation. With this multi-disciplinary environment, we continue to advance towards our goal at the Stuttgart Cluster of Excellence SimTech: From Multi-X Simulations and Data-Driven Approaches to Data-Integrated Simulation Science.

We are looking forward to welcome you all in Stuttgart!

Topics of the conference

The conference will cover topics such as

  • classical computational science enhanced by learning based components,
  • data-based scale bridging,
  • high performance computing,
  • numerical solvers optimized by meta-data based methods,
  • machine learning for simulation and visualization,
  • data-based (surrogate) modeling for interactive applications and control problems,
  • Bayesian approaches for uncertainty reduction and model assessment and many more.
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