Stuttgart as the  state capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg is the sixth largest city in Germany with more than 630.000 inhabitants from more that 170 nations. It is known as an innovative and worldwide leading industrial location. The city has a large variety of smaller and larger castles along with modern new buildings such as several automobile museums and world’s first steel-structure television tower built in 1956 and situated on a hill such that it feature great views over the city and the whole region. A particular cultural highlight is the Stuttgart theatres which, with opera, ballet and drama, form the largest three-division theatre in Europe. Stuttgart‘s topography is certainly quite unique in Germany. The hillsides form a frame around the centre of the city in a valley basin. From above, you always have a fantastic view. No matter if you are looking at Stuttgart from Birkenkopf or Killesberg: with its scenery the city literally lies at the feet of the observer. For more information see

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