Data-integrated models and methods for multiphase fluid dynamics – Structure and selected results of project network 1

Andrea Beck

Supported by high-resolution experiments, project network 1 (PN1) develops advanced models and simulation methods for multiphase processes in turbulent free and porous-media flow. The goal is to overcome previously unsolvable challenges in multi-X simulations by integrating experimental data, in particular to cover wide ranges of scales and flow regimes. Small-scale phenomena (transfer of mass, momentum, energy across the interfaces between fluid/solid phases) dominate the overall large-scale system dynamics. PN1 develops data-integrated modeling approaches on small scales, followed by hierarchical modeling and data-integration approaches across scales. The new data-integrated simulation frameworks demand corresponding numerical schemes for multi-adaptivity, error control and uncertainty assessment. The presentation will report on the current state of the work in PN1. The presentation will give an overview about the current structure of PN1 and all involved sub-projects. Selected results will be shown and discussed in order to give an impression on the interaction between the individual sub-projects and also the interactions with other PNs of the cluster of excellence EXC 2075 (SimTech).

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