Chairs & Committees

The SimTech2023 is realized by the following persons/committees (all sections in alphabetical order)

General Chairs

Thomas Ertl
Johannes Kästner
Wolfgang Nowak
Nicole Radde
Christian Rohde
Miriam Schulte
Steffen Staab
Holger Steeb

Scientific Committee

Julian Berberich
Frank Dürr
Henrik Ebel
Jörg Fehr
Bernd Flemisch
Blazej Grabowski
Johannes Kästner
Marc-Andre Keip
Marco Oesting
Dirk Pflüger
Nicole Radde
Oliver Röhrle
Alexander Schlaich
Katrin Schulte
Miriam Schulte
Ingo Steinwart

Organizing Committee

Sabine Sämisch
Miriam Schulte

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