Troubling Visualization

6 October 2023, 2:00 -2:45 pm

Miriah Meyer

Visualization research is at an inflection point where the field is filled with increasingly diverse research interests and approaches, but where we are also struggling to make our tried-and-true approaches to research answer an increasingly complex range of questions. How do we consider people’s affective, emotional, and subjective relationships to data and visualization? How do we design novel visualizations in an increasingly complex and uncontrollable technology landscape? What are our ethical responsibilities to our collaborators, our participants, and each other? In this talk I’ll argue that it is time to trouble the foundational perspectives we hold around how we, as researchers, make sense of the world and design within it. I’ll talk about new perspectives we are using in the Vis Collective at Linköping University, and the myriad of research opportunities these perspectives are pointing us to.

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