Quantum Computational Fluid Dynamics

Matthias Möller, Merel A. Schalkers

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been pushing HPC systems to their limits since decades. Despite all advancements in numerical methods and HPC technologies, fully resolved turbulent flow simulation at large scale remains out of reach with traditional computer architectures due to unsatisfyable resource and time requirements. In this talk we discuss opportunities to complement classical HPC systems with quantum computers to push CFD to a next level. In particular, we present a quantum lattice Boltzmann method that can be run start-to-end on a (future) fault-tolerant quantum computer. Next to discussing data encodings and quantum primitives for the three core steps of any lattice Boltzmann solver - streaming, collission and reflection - we will shed some light on their computational complexity and show preliminary results computed on a quantum simulator.

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